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fic: that angel's got nothin' on you (sam/dean)
puppy is sorry

My first complete fic! \o/
Coda to 4x04, Metamorphosis. Wrote it about a day after the episode aired. Reposted now after some revision. I can't get enough of protective!bigbrother!Dean and puppeh!Sammeh. And since show has been lacking in that area, I thought I'd attempt to make up for it a bit. ;)

Title: that angel's got nothin' on you.
Author: bj_hearter.
Pairing: Sam/Dean.
Rating: R -- for some language. 
Word count: ~3000.
Warnings: Hurt/comfort. Unabashed schmoop. And incest, albeit subtle.
Disclaimer: Yep, mine. What? It could happen.
Notes: Coda to 4x04. Italics in parenthesis are the boys’ thoughts. 
Summary: Two days ago, all he wanted to do was leave.
Feedback: Comments trump sex. ♥


no more crashing lamps into walls, no more scaring Sammy, no more.Collapse )



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